About Us

Bestmonitors.org enhances your quality of life by giving you the best advice on products you should buy and suggesting good deals and upcoming new trends.
Our experienced team is always working hard to try to bring you the best fit for your demands. Our ultimate aim is to help you achieve your shopping goals that not only bring joy to your family but also decorate your home, like furniture, or help you improve your work productivity.
We will provide you with detailed, careful, and objective reviews of featured items. This helps you discover the latest technologies in the world with information compiled and analyzed by our team.
Let us know whatever you feel. Any feedback from you to help us improve the content of our website is always appreciated.
Our team
Michel Bob and Tomas Walton are co-founders and editors of Bestmonitors.org. Along with a number of other editors, We've been passionate about technology and have been evaluating computer monitors for a long time. We have done a lot of research and learning about computer monitors, the features of more than 22 monitor brands, and hundreds of monitors to group into groups to suit customer preferences. We decided to create this website as a tool to assist users so that they can make decisions easily while still fully meeting their requirements.
BM Score
The BM Score is a ranking system developed by my team. Our tool automatically scores it from 0 to 10 based on the data it collects. This score is completely free of any relationship or influence from the manufacturer or reseller website.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.